I am a recent alumna of the University of Colorado Boulder as of May 2015. I completed my undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Journalism, specifically concentrated in Broadcast Production, as well as an additional field of study in Film. From DSLR cameras to editing software, such as Adobe Premiere and Protools, my technical and creative skills are in photography, videography, and audio. My experience comes from working in the field, as well as a broadcast studio. My passion is storytelling. I work effectively in all stages of a story from pre-production to post-production. I am an outgoing person that strongly believes in communication and establishing relationships. I enjoy giving back to the community. Taking on challenges is something I value, because it broadens my horizons, provides great learning experiences, and creates personal growth.

My purpose is to develop a career as a visual storyteller for the field of science and natural history. The research and happenings going on in this field are fascinating, yet rarely do they get enough in-depth news coverage from mainstream media or attention from the public. I firmly believe that the majority of today's global problems connect back to environmental issues and are largely a result of our lack of connection to nature itself. If mankind can rebuild a close relationship to our Earth, I believe that we can achieve better solutions and answers for our problems whether environmental, political, social, economical, etc. My deepest concern is issues related to wildlife and threatened species. I believe it is important to give a voice to those that can't tell their stories to the world on their own. My drive is to find and share those stories that will further create global interconnectedness and community. No matter how small, our actions travel and affect one another near or far.